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Serve up Bone Strength throughout your life

OIFE had a nice informal meeting with the International Osteoporosis Foundation in Nyon, Switzerland. One of the shared interests for people with OI and the more common osteoporosis is to eat healthy. Even if it’s not a cure, it is even more important for us to eat healthy,
to keep our bones as good as they can get.

Check out their brochure “Serve up Bone Strength throughout your life”! From this webpage it’s available in 11 different languages. Bon apetit!

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Healthy Bones Austrhbwsalia is an initiative of Osteoporosis Australia

Healthy Bones Australia is a national public awareness program with a key focus on the prevention of osteoporosis. An initiative of Osteoporosis Australia, its aim is to improve the bone health of all Australians, and to help everyone lead a fit and active lifestyle throughout their life. More info on their web site………





Exercise builds stronger bones in childrenmednewtoday

Exercise, particularly high-impact activity, builds stronger bones in children, even for those who carry genetic variants that predispose them to bone weakness, according to new research. The scientists say their findings underscore that genetics does not necessarily equate to destiny, and reinforce the importance of physical activity as a key factor to improve the bone health of children in the present and into later life.

You can read the Medical News Today article here.

The OI Society of Australia

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Osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) is a genetic disorder that causes a person's bones to break easily, often from little or no apparent trauma. OI is also called "brittle bone disease." OI varies in severity from person to person, ranging from a mild type to a severe type that causes death before or shortly after birth.

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