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As well as providing information and support to OI families and maintaining strong relationships with medical specialists in Australia, one of the aims of the Society is to provide a social network for OI patients and their families to share personal information, experiences and resources.  

In keeping with this aim, the Society hosts a National OI Society Event (NOIsE) every two years to bring together Australians with OI and their families, medical professionals, and organisations that provide OI support services. The conference has been held in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

All conference presentations are available on the website for viewing by members in the event that they are unable to attend or simply want to review a presentation from the conference.  It is a wonderful weekend and one in which the OI Society funds to the best of our ability making it accessible to everyone.

2019 Event – Register here

2019 Conference Program draft 190826

OI conference 2019 speaker profiles_draft 190825



Wishbone Day – May 6th every year


Wishbone Day is celebrated on May 6th each year.  It is an international community awareness effort to raise positive awareness of Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), otherwise known as Brittle Bones.

It is a time to recognise, empower, advocate, educate, comfort and give.  To simply come together and acknowledge shared experiences, and in doing so make that be the difference for someone else.

Look out for wishbone day events near you or create your own and make sure you tag your photos so that we can celebrate with you.

We will post events as they come to our attention in our events section of this website.


Through positive awareness
we will bring action to those areas within our communities that could use some extra attention.






Wishbone Day 2016


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Osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) is a genetic disorder that causes a person's bones to break easily, often from little or no apparent trauma. OI is also called "brittle bone disease." OI varies in severity from person to person, ranging from a mild type to a severe type that causes death before or shortly after birth.

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