Perth Children’s Hospital Opening

Great news… the Perth Children’s Hospital is currently undergoing a phased opening.  This will mean that over the coming months all services previously provided at PMH will now be performed and the bright new hospital down the road, in the QEII Medical centre site in Nedlands.  Make sure you check your appointments details for the new location.

“As a leading paediatric hospital, it will provide the specialty medical treatment required for the most serious medical cases, as well as secondary services including inpatient and outpatient care and day-stay care.

The staged opening of Perth Children’s Hospital will take place over four weeks from 14 May 2018 as services transfer from Princess Margaret Hospital to the new hospital.

Key dates when different services will commence at Perth Children’s Hospital in 2018 include:

  • Monday 14 May – First outpatient clinics
  • Monday 28 May – Commencement of elective surgery
  • Sunday 10 June – Opening of the PCH emergency department. Final move day for all remaining patients from PMH to PCH
  • Within a week of final move day – Patients from the Bentley Adolescent Unit are due to arrive at PCH”–Consumer-Map-V12-Full-Map–Full-Colour-web.jpg

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